Three main functions:

Bluetooth  Speaker,Bluetooth Headset;Power bank;

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Bluetooth Headset & Speaker

1—Long touch""is for "Volume Down”, short touch"" is for "last song".

2—Long touch 3s,hear the voice of Speaker ON, short touch will be mode switch; At ON state touch 3s the speaker OFF and hear “beep” voice also.

3—Long touch ” is for "Volume Up", short touch ”  is for " next song".

4—Play or Pause musicAnswer or Hang up the calling. 

5—USB port of Portable power function, 5V1A output. 

6—Charging port:DC5V input.

7—Reset key in the small ring hole of the speaker bottom.

8—TF card slot 


Bluetooth Headset

1– Indicator Light

2—Long press“Volume Up”, short press for last song.

3– Long press 2s ON, then long press 4s OFF; Short press to answer or hang up when the calling in, and short press to play or pause when music is playing; Quick press twice can dial out the last call.

4– Long press for “Volume down”, short press for next song.


6—Charging port for Headset,DC5V input.


Other Function Introduction

1、Press“ ” and“”3s at the same time is language switch.

   RemarkBe sure the speaker have the TF card inside or with headset, or the speaker can’t recognize and inform the language you switch to.

2、Speaker only have volume up and down function when playing Bluetooth music, no next song or last song function.

3、Mode switch can be used only when TF card and Headset include in the speaker.

4、When the volume of the Bluetooth Headset or speaker at the maximum, you will hear warning tone.

5、After turn on the speaker, if the headset has been checked by the speaker, the headset will be turned on in 3s.

6、While turn off the speaker, if hear the “Beep” sound it mean turn off the headset at the same time.

7、Put the power off headset in the turning on speaker, the headset will be turned on in 3s.

8、Once the headset put in the speaker, the headset will be charged by the speaker automatically.

9、The portable power’s function will be never effected whether the speaker ON or OFF.

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