Features:Connect two speaker with Bluetooth as 3D stereo speaker ;Also can use any speaker alone; Bluetooth 3.0;Hands free phone call with MIC;Support TF card ;
Main Material:Plastic

As the Bluetooth industry is developing very fast , our company developed this new model (M1 + 1) is matching stereo Bluetooth speaker, portable wireless mini fashion design ,innovative features,The consumers will love it!

Bluetooth speakers in the speaker industry set off a wave of wave.With the technological rapid development , product development mature.So many shapes speakers on the market one after another, customers are also be confused by them. M1 + 1 one to two matching stereo speaker was born! She subversion in the past a cell phone or IPAD can connect only one speaker's traditional function mode so interconnected paired two mono speaker while playing music such separate left and right channels to stereo effects.3 0 2

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