1.For FM Radio – press the “Bluetooth/TF” button on the right. STATUS light will change from Blue (Bluetooth Mode) to Red (FM Mode). Then press the “Play/Phone” button (no.2) for 2 seconds and the STATUS light will begin flashing while the speaker scans through the radio stations. After scanning through all the stations the STATUS light will stop flashing. Now press the “Play/Phone” button once again and use buttons no. 1 & 3 to choose which station you want to listen to.

2.FM radio function can be custom made,support most Channels,including some Japan and Hong Kong channels.

3.Portable mini Bluetooth speaker,it is much smaller than N9 and N10 model device.

4.Larger capacity of lithium battery than N6/788S/788F/788L,it is 650MAH.


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